For more than 35 years, Lynn has provided unique, personal, intuitive insights and consultations for a wide variety of clients in the US and Canada.  She combines extensive training and experience in developing her intuitive skills with solid clinical counseling experience. This includes more than 12 years of clinical private practice and 5 years of career coaching experience.  She integrates highly effective spiritual knowledge and techniques with applications from recent neuroscience research.

For many years, other psychotherapists have trusted her and referred their clients to her for targeted intuitive consultations.  Their clients benefit from the resulting insights which have enabled them to move forward in therapy.  Lynn’s credentials include a Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Michigan.

Lynn received an award for teaching regularly sold-out classes in Denver on How to Discover your Past Lives.  It was a safe place for participants to explore their questions about past lives and to find out if they had known people in their current lives before.


“Uplifting and refreshing insights.”

“Solution and change-oriented.”

“I quickly felt comfortable and knew that I could trust her insights.”

“Lynn’s helped me vision my path for 30 years.”

“Lynn Taylor’s intuitive insight took  the chaos of my enormous situation and moved it into a perspective that gave me clarity and wisdom on how  to take action. Her insight included the spiritual dimension that was missing from my lens. That piece gave me more energy and hope to proceed. I would highly recommend her services.”

Kimberlee Daughtry MA, LPC-S
Breath of Hope Professional Counseling
San Antonio, TX