Each of us is a unique spiritual being with a set of talents to express and contributions to make.  Your problematic patterns can be cleared to reveal more of your unique self and allow it to be more fully manifested.  We can all become more God-conscious and embody love and grace.  This is especially important at this time on the planet.

Craig Hamilton, a spiritual teacher in California, believes that we are all part of an evolutionary pulse of consciousness which is developing and moving us forward.  His free monthly meditation for evolutionaries is a way to tap into that pulse. (See Resource page).  This embodied consciousness within has never felt harmed, limited or blocked from expression.  It is simply conscious.  It can be a place of detachment and freedom.

Spiritual counseling can help clear limiting patterns and decrease fear.  You can increase your ability to tap into that place of consciousness and experience an inner oasis of OK-ness.  You can live a more amazing Grace-Full life and be the person you are meant to be in the world.