100th Year Anniversary – Lusitania Let Go of Collective Karma and Rise Up

As a young child, Kim had a recurring nightmare.  She was on an ocean liner leaving New York harbor waving good-bye.  As she looked at the wake of the ship and the receding New York skyline, she knew that the ship would never return.

When Kim was 6 years old, she sat in front of the […]

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Was I Irish in a past life?


Question from reader

I have always wondered why I have such a strong connection to Ireland and its culture, especially music and dance. My favorite doll was and Irish doll in a shamrock dress. Nobody in my family feels this way at all. When I travelled to Ireland, I literally kissed the ground when I got […]

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Be Who You Are Meant To Be

Each of us is a unique spiritual being with a set of talents to express and contributions to make.  Your problematic patterns can be cleared to reveal more of your unique self and allow it to be more fully manifested.  We can all become more God-conscious and embody love and grace.  This is especially important […]

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Mindfulness and 12 Step Recovery

I have found that including mindfulness mediation as part of a daily Step 11 prayer and meditation practice has increased my conscious contact with a Higher Power and strengthened my recovery.  Commitment to the 12 steps is a choice to live an awakened life.  Mindfulness is a useful tool to facilitate a spiritual awakening.

Mindfulness is […]

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Live More in the Positive Green Zone by Rewiring Your Brain

Modern brain science research has shown how the health of our brains determines our quality of life. It has also bridged the gap between spiritual beliefs and techniques and how they actually work in physical reality.

The human brain has evolved to where we now have three primary levels – the cortex, the sub-cortex and the […]

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